Yvette Lewis

Studio #33

My work is sensual, organic and emotional with images based on nature. Rocks, leaves, seeds, vines and roots float and drift across the canvass in soft ambiguous space. The images of both the paintings and the etchings evoke the power and the receptive of the feminine. The abstract free-floating objects seemingly exist in a world that is almost natural. Colors are rich, vibrant and infused with light. I paint in oils using traditional glazing techniques as well as loose, expressive brushwork. There is a softness to the color palette and the interweaving forms. The compositions welcome the viewer in but also push back almost saying wait, not yet.

I started my formal education at the Art Students League in 1970, continued at FIT and completed my teaching degree at SUNY New Paltz in 1990. As an art teacher and an artist, I look for the inner essence of creative expression.

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Address        463 Fishcreek Road
                       Saugerties, NY 12477

Phone          (845)-706-4991
Email            sunyvette@earthlink.net