Iain Machell

Studio #11

“Iain Machell’s work explores the tactile presence and possibilities of paper as well as allowing fluid, organic influences in his mark-making media.  Materials are bent, stressed and meticulously detailed to create a delicate cartography of space and being. There is a non-objective element to everything Machell makes but there is also a subtle bridge between the object itself and its position of a fractal microcosm of a greater world.”  Jen Dragon, Curator

Instagram  @iainmachell

Artsy  https://www.artsy.net/artist/iain-hugh-machell

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Address      1173 Main St.
                     Malden-on-Hudson, NY 12453

Phone         (845)-389-0892

Email          iain.machell@gmail.com 
Web            www.iainmachell.com