Iain Machell


Machell, a Brit living in New York State’s Hudson Valley, has been engaged in observing the battle between the human condition and the natural world for many years.  The new drawings challenge the ideals of the romantic Hudson River painting school to a duel at dawn- with pistols, not rapiers.  He mines his British artistic legacy and unearths some more meaty influences on his current work, going back in time to the symbolic and distorted landscape sketches of Samuel Palmer; the gothic drama of Turner; the ominous chiaroscuro of Constable.

When asked what the core focus of his new work was Machell would only say “Looking, looking, and looking some more”.  In his landscape images, nature is not something to worship and aestheticize, it is under threat, dark and dangerous, and needs to be appeased because something is definitely wrong.

Instagram  @iainmachell

Artsy  https://www.artsy.net/artist/iain-hugh-machell

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