Iain Machell

Studio #20

“Sculpture is a form of physical thinking which allows us to escape words and communicate in a physical way.  I like staring at nature, investigating and extracting a world of visually compelling shapes, textures and colours. But beneath the surface there’s a raw energy and a struggle.  The forces of growth and decay, pressure, time, and adverse human influences work their way into the tension between 2D and 3D in my sculpture and drawings. Planar directions, surface texture, wet and dry media, constructions and carvings are all gouged, stitched, glued, pushed and pulled from 2D into 3D in response to forms found in nature.”

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Address      1173 Main St.
                     Malden-on-Hudson, NY 12453

Phone         (845)-389-0892

Email          iain.machell@gmail.com 
Web            www.iainmachell.com