Serena Wehr

Studio #18

My technique of fluid acrylics and the making and use of acrylic skins form the swirling colors that define the foundation of my artwork. While I use acrylic paint in almost everything I make, I do not consider myself a painter in the traditional sense. I am a precise, detail oriented, mixed media artist.

To make my artistic vision a reality, I love to mix different materials, media, and techniques on a variety of “canvases”: anything from an actual canvas to a maple leaf, a piece of found wood, or a stone. I create mostly small, colorful, one-of-a-kind pieces imbued with positive energy, joy, and inspiration. These pieces are tangible reminders of positive thoughts and the belief that anything is possible. I frequently incorporate messages of encouragement and hope into my art. My current work includes an eclectic mix of bookmarks, inspirational mini paintings, moon phase mobiles, ornaments (or as I like to call them “house jewelry”), resin trinket dishes and trays, hand painted stones (aptly named Serena’s Serenity stones), and more!

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141 Rivka Road
Saugerties, NY 12477


Facebook: serena.wehr

Instagram: serenawehr_art_