Jan Wallen

Studio #14

“I’ve always loved going places — experiencing the scenes, customs, cultures, colors and foods, on-the-spot. When I started painting and drawing, I used watercolor, pen and ink, and worked in my studio.

Now the world is my studio.

Recently I joined Urban Sketchers (https://urbansketchers.org/). Now I combine my love of going places with on-location sketching. I take a small kit with art supplies with me everywhere I go, and sketch my experience. I love that it’s so do-able — You can start with no experience, years of experience, or anything in between. And one pencil, or lots of supplies.

Unusual views of buildings like the Empire State building catch my eye.  Sometimes I complete the sketch immediately. Other times I start on location, adding more line and color back in my studio. I always have a living memory of where I’ve been. Seeing the world, one drawing at a time.”


3042 Route 32
Saugerties, NY 12477

Text and Mobil: 203-545-6104