Tara Bach

Studio #24

Tara Bach is a Contemporary Abstract Artist from upstate NY. Tara found beauty and joy in the freedom of her abstract painting process, dabbling in the unknown and limiting control. Color and movement take over her canvas and create luminous, enchanting works. Tara strives to create works of art, which provoke feelings of wonder and hope. Each painting of hers is completely original. Unable to be replicated – even by herself.

Tara is greatly inspired by the Ocean. Whether it be the calm and peacefulness of the every changing tide or power of a storm, her main color palette is hues of blue. She feels that the paintings success solely depends on its carefully chosen color palette and it’s in those color palettes the depth and emotions of the painting truly come to life.

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652 Manorville Road
Saugerties, NY 12477

(845) 594-2253