Charley Mitcherson

I am a trained professional portrait photographer; however, my focus is shifting towards nature and the environment I now reside in.

It was an accident that I discovered photography as my creative vehicle. I was studying architecture at The University of Texas at Arlington. Photography classes were a required part of the curriculum. I fell in love with it. I learned film photography, but am presently a self-taught digital artist.

I have worked with other photographers assisting and as a second shooter. In Dallas, Texas I owned a small portrait studio with a dark room for a few years. I also worked with non-profit arts organizations implementing media workshops for school children in Texas and California.

My photography projects have included music festivals, arts events, weddings, a documentary film, and lots of portraits!

About my photos, it’s all about the emotion in that decisive moment I press the button. I hope that you feel what I felt when I took that photo. It is an artist’s goal to evoke some kind of emotion from the viewer.

Professional Member of American Society of Media Photographers since 2006.


Address:             10 Ridge Road, Saugerties, NY 12477
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