Jennifer Hicks

After having taken a sabbatical from making art and focusing on creating a gallery/performance space, I began to venture back into art making last winter. I set myself a task to take a photo every day during my morning walks in the woods with my dog. This was to keep my sanity as much as anything else. I wasn’t going to fuss about them, I just had to take the photos and post them on Instagram. Boring or not I was going to post. This allowed me to slow down and notice small natural events that caught my attention. That is, I allowed my brain to open to something that caught my attention. I like the idea of attention being caught. To my surprise these photos were far from boring. Making art, no matter how small is important to me and I found that importance again during my walks. There is also something I’ve always loved about the “square”. It’s magical. These daily photos began to take on a kind of story line or poetry. I let this thread continue until, as a natural progression, I started to manipulate these photos in Photoshop, overlap them, make them bigger, twisting the colors, then onto painting. So my work now is about channeling impressions held in nature and the spiritual aspects we miss unless we take the time to slow down. During this pandemic period I’ve also immersed myself into the history of world religions and how that effects how various cultures look at the natural world. What do we see in the dark? What do we see in the light? What do we choose to see? Where is the consciousness in that? These are questions I’ve been asking myself.


Address:               11 Jane Street, Saugerties, NY 12477, Suite A upstairs
Phone:                   (508) 241-0273