Richard Levy

Studio #8

“I realized that I had artistic aptitude while in high school around age 15.  I majored in Fine Arts at Haverford College, while taking prerequisite sciences for medical school.  My artistic pursuits lapsed until around 2019 at age 62, when I started taking figure drawing classes at Woodstock School of Art.  Since then, I have expanded my repertoire from pencil sketching to include color pastel.  I draw both small and large scale.  I am quite interested in and motivated by what I can achieve in the studio before finishing at home, via cell phone photographs.

I have lived in Saugerties for over 15 years, and have exhibited at Emerge Gallery, Jane Street Art Center and the WSA Student shows.

I try to draw every day, usually from online modeling sites.”


30 Latham Circle
Saugerties, NY 12477


IG i.m.lauren