Gustav Pedersen

Studio #25

Gus is a blend of technologist and artist. His father was a machinist and merchant sailor and his mother a painter from a Breton, France, farming family. The result allows Gus to excel at both ends of the personality spectrum.

He started in the US Submarine as a Periscope Photographer. After the service he attained a BA in Finance and an MBA. So it’s no surprise that his designs have a firm root in engineering and science. It’s also no surprise that he turned in to an avid sailor, with thousands of miles of blue-water experience.

Yet, at the same time, it is apparent that this artist is fluent in mixing curves and diagonals, as well as opposites and contrasting elements. Much of his drive and inspiration comes from the silky feel of well-sanded wood, or the surprise of splitting a log and seeing a great grain pattern.

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