Lisa Samalin

Studio #32

“Painting is a beautiful dance that makes me feel alive. It’s healed and delighted me since childhood, and I hope some of that conveys. It’s my first time on the tour and there’s lots to see! From my painted kitchen cabinets to large narrative paintings, landscapes on fabric, a series of animals painted on delivery boxes, small watercolor-collages and recent 2 and 3D pieces exploring my/our place within nature.

I’ve painted over 100 murals including a series in 2023 for the new pediatric unit at the Mid-Hudson Hospital in Poughkeepsie. I create installations too, that people can enter into. Two were in a solo show at The Jane Street Art Center – one in a painted tent and the other, “Giving out Apples in the Garden of Eden.” Some of the life-size painted people and animals from the installations will be in and around our home, waiting to great you.”

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138 Ralph Vedder Rd.
Saugerties, NY 12477

IG: lisasamalin