Sabine Reckewell

Studio #13

Since 2010 I have built temporary and permanent linear installations which were designed for specific locations. Between 2008 and 2021 I lived in Napa, California. During that time most of my exhibitions and permanent installations were shown in and around the Bay Area in galleries, art organizations and museums. I was also commissioned to build several permanent pieces for private homes and public locations.

In 2021 my husband, the artist Stephen Whisler and I moved to Saugerties which is now our new permanent home. Last year I showed my first East Coast installation at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum. During this tour Stephen and I will both show our work in our newly-built studio in our backyard.

I think of my work as three-dimensional drawings. I am using geometry and repetition of lines made with yarns, webbing and other textiles to create volumes with varying densities that shift and change. As a complement to my three-dimensional work I also make drawings on paper, often using embroidery to enhance lines and textures.”

110 Market Street
Saugerties, NY 12477