Kristin Barton


My work is an accumulation of scores, visual and conceptual, which reference our phenomenological relationship with nature juxtaposed with the reality of current technological trends, the realities of being within that context, and how that interaction affects our experience with the struggle to understand the human condition. I explore the presence, function, movement and healing activity of waters, fluids, and light within our own physical bodies and in nature (macrocosmic and microcosmic); seeking to more fully understand the relationship between humans and nature- in effects and potential remedies for disease within us and outside of us, caused by us. My close observation of and communication with other animal species is an important component of my artistic process and my daily life, particularly in thinking about and searching for potential solutions to the deleterious impact of human actions on the environment and other species. I spend a lot of time observing the intersections between man-made situations and nature and the remarkable but limited mechanisms through which nature seeks to recover and heal. I make primarily large scale oil and encaustic paintings and site specific work incorporating movement and dance. (KB 5/21)


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Kristin Barton

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