Kristin Barton

Studio #37

“In conjunction with my large scale site-specific somatic drawing-paintings I have been making smaller scale works which include scrolls, nature studies of trees, waters, skies, self-portraits, and images of the uterus, heart, lungs, creatures and other objects which hold particular significance to me.

In this time of war and assault on the autonomy of WOMAN and NATURE it is of utmost urgency that we cultivate ourselves to be open and exposed, yet strong- and available to connect and come together to remedy the unfathomable rampage of forces that are working to divide us.

Shortly after my mother’s death, while a dear friend was dying, I began my ongoing series of work “The Architecture of Pain” which has continued over these past years throughout my own experience of illness, survival, and chronic pain. This very personal, vulnerable journey includes delving into deep grief, discomfort, and pain, but also joy, gratitude, beauty, healing and intentional presence and connection. Our bodies, our Selves: honoring and protecting the lifeblood, fluids and life-giving organs within us, and those of Mother Earth we inhabit. There is so much for us all to understand, learn, to LISTEN, and to share. I invite you to visit my studio to witness my ongoing explorations of these themes and to share your own experiences, if you wish.”

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