Dan Shornstein

Studio #35

“I strive to create art that serves as an invitation to take an emotional journey of wonder, contemplation and exploration of the natural world. I frequently engage in plein air painting and am inspired by the forests, mountains and streams of the Hudson Valley. Each year I travel to Monhegan Island in Maine to capture the magical light, the rugged coast line and unique fishing shacks. My primary medium is oil but I occasionally use watercolor as well as pastels. My work is often described as impressionistic but is always evolving.

Upon entering our property you will immediately experience a variety of flower, vegetable and pollinator gardens which have inspired many of my paintings. Feel free to walk through our gardens during your visit!”


227 Phillips Road

845 417-6119

Instagram : @danshornsteinart

Webpage: https://tivoliartistsgallery.com/artists/dan-shornstein