Ana Bergen

My Art is mostly guided by intuition.

I photograph or paint a feeling of a certain mood.

How and when that elusive quality takes shapes on canvas or in a photo is always magical to me.

During the Coved period of isolation, I started to use many ordinary items around the house. I made my own gesso with sticky wallpaper paste and leftover house paint. I use cardboard, tissue paper and aluminum foil to create interesting backgrounds. I added different materials like wood, paper, fabric or even metal to the canvas surface. I found red pepper and turmeric a delightful replacement when I ran out of red and yellow paint.

“Starting to paint, I feel gloriously free, quiet, and alone” (Henri Matisse)


Address:              327 Lotus Lane, Saugerties, NY 12477
Phone:                  845-246-1640
Email:                   [email protected]