Hugh Morris

Studio #40

“Whether in my series of “Greenroom” pieces created for the casts and crews of Public Theater productions (I have painted scenery for the Public Theater since 1987) or interpretations of the fables of Aesop or my series of Saints and Sinners, there is always at the root of my work a call for interaction. The invitation to play is always there. My art has always been linked to my life in the theater. Each piece is a play: the painting is the performer and the frame is the stage. Some plays are best presented on a bare stage and some on stages with varying degrees of scenery. To further beat this metaphor to death, under the best of circumstances a performance is enhanced by the scenic elements and not overwhelmed by them. That is the balance I seek and it is that balance which I sometimes find.”

100 High Woods Road
Saugerties, NY 12477

(917) 468-6908