Shelley Davis

Studio #21

Shelley Davis, an internationally exhibited artist, channels her passion for artistic diversity and out of the box materials into a fantasia of sensual imagery! Davis’ multi-faceted approach incorporates elements for their beauty and potential, which then come alive in her mixed media paintings, altered art, photo-fusion, exotic jewelry and assemblages. Imagination and heart abound in her studio!

Davis earned an MFA degree (SUNY New Paltz) in photography and painting. She is known for her avant garde “photo-fusion” (a union of photography with other media) which she taught at NYU. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and has garnered rave reviews.

Davis’ wearable art has been sold in Barneys, Henri Bendel, Macys, Disney Co. as well as to numerous celebrities.

“To create from the soul, to have fun, to express, to share what I create with others, is the force that drives me. Anything that can exist in life, can be recreated with beauty & wonder. As an artist I make constant decisions that bring life’s beauty and wonder to a visual conclusion.”

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