Anne Leith

Studio #18

I am a painter of places.

For many years I have painted plein-air oil paintings. Landscape is my primary subject matter. In my in-studio practice I often paint imaginary places that go beyond the ‘real’ and cross into fantasy. I work my paintings until they have that curious vibrating balance: between the recognizable image, abstraction, and that moment of achieving a beautiful painted surface.

10 years ago, I began incorporating metallic leaf into my work. The metal areas add a dynamic dimension, reflecting color and light, shifting from light to dark, depending on the light source. In the landscapes it can bring a river or a sky to life

The immense pleasure that I get from making art is unlike any other activity. I hope the viewer experiences a similar pleasure when they look at my work.


137 Washington Avenue,
Saugerties, NY 112477

484 431-5704