Ulf Loven

Studio #4

As a painter I take my time to communicate my idiosyncrasies. I work both with and without subject matter, but even in my abstract work there is the thread of a narrative, an example being the attempt to render a particular peace of music or work of a composer in an abstract painting. I don’t hesitate in getting involved with representation using subjects such as flowers, landscapes, nudes or portraits, though in the end results might border on abstract painting.

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, and living in Southern Europe before settling in New York where I studied under Vaclav Wytlachyl and Peter Golfinopoullus at the Art Students League. Having spent a good part of my life in rural or third world villages, my landscapes derive from these periods. The urban experience resulted in both abstract and figurative rendering, sometimes taking the shape of memories the bucolic experience be they landscapes or a poetic state of mind.

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