Elin Menzies

Studio #23

“I’m grateful being an artist was a clear path for me since I was very young. In the beginning I had little to no natural ability in a technical sense, but it didn’t matter. The desire to make art gripped me and held me in a strong embrace before I knew there were prerequisites to being an artist. And of course there really aren’t. You just need to make art with intention. My current work is nature connected with a focus on interspecies connections and the need to protect wild animals under the endangered species act.”

Elin Menzies is an award winning artist whose honors include the Yasuo Kuniyoshi Award, the Jacobs/Towbin Award, Silvermine Artists of the Northeast award, Save Art Space Animal Instincts award and a Social Commentary award. She was a finalist for a Gottlieb grant.

20 Route 32a,
Saugerties NY

Phone: 518-678-2114

Email: elinmenzies@hotmail.com

Website: www.elinmenzies.com