Michael Doyle

Studio #26

Though formerly working in the more labor-intensive material of stone and metal I now consider just about any and all materials to utilize. Countless found objects, broken parts of things of unknown origin, discarded toys, mundane manmade debris in its many forms are just examples of things I may pick up while walking along a riverbank or roadside if it somehow speaks to me.

These collected items are now a multitude to choose from. I see them as creative springboards for ideas. They allow me to detach, explore and make seemingly absurd connections.

I enjoy this unbridled fluidity that they offer me. I combine and integrate them with my own self-made work as well as duplicate them through casting.

Its in this way of working that enables me to tab into the recourses of intuition and inspiration of the subconscious.

In turn, I then trust and follow an undefinable sense of mystery with the things conceived and materialized.

I grew up in Detroit and went to Michigan University where I received my BFA. After graduating I took a trip out West and fell in love with the surreal landscape. I was accepted at the University of Wyoming where I received my MA.

While there, I was given a scholarship to the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine, 1996.

This time was extraordinary and influenced me greatly. Not only a profound and creative experience, but it was also where I met my wife Kirsten, a fellow student and painter.

After bouncing around in Europe for some years we moved to NYC in 2005 and then finally settled in Saugerties where we live and will work happily ever after 🙂


256 Houtman Road
Saugerties, NY 12477