Marjorie Magid

Studio #21

As an artist, I am inspired by extraordinary individuals, captivating scenes, store windows and their reflections, dancers leaping through the air, exotic birds and animals whose expressions draw us into their world. I use an intense color palette and a variety of brushstrokes to imbue my paintings with movement and life. My art has been described as engaging and lyrical and I have been called the queen of color and whimsy. In fact, two years ago I was offered a solo show on entitled Whimsical: the Art of Marjorie Magid. It can still be viewed on

Last year, 5 of my paintings which were displayed at the local bagel shop were purchased by HBO MAX for use in an upcoming series.

More recently, I began exploring abstract art and fell in love with the endless possibilities it offers. I’m excited by the works I’ve created, with their beautiful colors, textures, patterns and movement.

I invite you to visit my studio and check out my quirky animals and exotic scenes and people alongside this new universe of the abstract.

Paintings in all price ranges will be available for purchase. Prints will be on hand and can be ordered.




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Address          177 Van Vlierden Road
                        Saugerties, NY 12477

Phone             (917)-796-4730