Yvonne Rojas-Cowan

“I’m deeply fascinated by people and their psyche. Inspired by life, emotions and the human mind my work is multi-layered, emotive, and based on deeply vulnerable topics.

As a self-taught artist, I’m continually balancing mastering techniques and pushing past the boundaries of my current skill with curious exploration. Following the “what if” is the cornerstone of my art practice. The work starts off with creative play and exploration then the story starts to unfold intuitively through the use of many layers of various media. My current work explores complex life scenarios and invites the viewers to draw their own conclusions.”

Yvonne Rojas-Cowan is a self-taught artist whose layered expressive paintings explore the many complex layers of the human mind and soul. She works with layers of mixed media applied with an assortment of unconventional tools. She is inspired by the complexities and fragility of life and the many facets of people and their psyche. She works on canvas, paper and wood boards, incorporating layer after layer in a dance between intuition and discerning editing until she arrives at the final stage. https://www.artkarmastudios.com/pagecv

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Yvonne Rojas-Cowan
122 Lodge Road
Saugerties, NY 12477