Michael Sullivan Smith

“I moved from my loft in lower Manhattan to have ten times the space in Saugerties in 1969. For the first 25 years, I continued making and showing my art here, along with raising a family, teaching, doing major works for Time-Life, IBM, and other corporate clients, and establishing four design businesses and a technology business based on three patents I’d received. Beta testing technologies returned me to the systemic roots of my art. It had become totally a digital art by 2000 and in 2002 I began grounding it by starting to build The Great Knot land art work that I show on the Saugerties Artists Tour. For the 2017 tour, I am introducing the new sculptural objects shown here. My art is now half conceptual and half sculptural forms oriented toward the cultural environment I share in my book published in 2016, A Brief History of Saugerties.”

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Address          55 East Bridge Street, Apt 311 (mailing address)
                        Site location: 1267 Route 212
                        Saugerties, NY 12477

Phone              (845) 246-1204

Email                [email protected]
Web Site          www.greatknot.com

Studio Tour August 7,8,9


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