Lucretia Moroni


Gold is a color that is impossible to reproduce, and a symbol of the distant, the unattainable, the surreal, and therefore the Divine. This is one of the main reasons I choose to work with gold leaf as a ground in my alternative process photography.

I have also been attracted to gold due to its role in art throughout history and among different civilizations around the world, dating back to ancient times.

The technical aspect of working with gold leaf is very important to me, as the craftsmanship required marries my photographic art to the other decorative arts that I have practiced throughout my career. In a way, the unique beauty and spiritual charge of gold brings all these skills and experiences back to life.

Hand painted Silk.

Silk work has been in my family for centuries. My last name Moroni, in dialect of my own town Bergamo, Italy, means blackberries : the food Silkworms love and live on. It was a natural step for me to be attracted to this amazing  creative process in making textile art. I paint silk with a contemporary Batik technique and I’m inspired by Asian design.  I work with watercolor and special dyes. Each pattern is individually created so that each piece is unique.

Address:             1195 Main Street, Malden-on-Hudson, NY 12453
Phone:                 917-807-9643