Lorrie and Michael Wardell


“We love living in Saugerties.  The lifestyle is ideal, and the local residents and business community have been very supportive of our efforts.  The Dutch Ale House features our handmade beer mugs, and Krause’s Chocolates, Lox of Bagels, Bluestone Coffee Roasters, and the Perfect Blend have purchased our custom mugs.  Miss Lucy’s features our butter chips and dessert dishes.  Our ceramics journey started in 1988, and our eclectic backgrounds include science, education, biology, tech writing, and a variety of wonderful ceramic and jewelry workshops.  We love making spirit houses and fetish bowls to aid in creating meditation spaces and to reflect our own spiritual journey.   Current passions include creating enameled, textured, and silkscreened jewelry.     Rosie’s Marketplace at 115 Partition Street in Saugerties will be displaying a variety of Wardell wares for sale starting on June 6.   Please visit us during our beloved Saugerties Artists Studio Tour to find some old and new favorites and to see where we work and play.”



Address                28 Russell Street,
                               Saugerties, NY 12477

Phone                    (845)-633-2295
Email                     [email protected]
Web Site                http://www.wardellstudios.com
Facebook Page    www.facebook.com/wardellpottery