Jeff Way

My intention has been to intensify the visual and psychological impact of my paintings and masks through abstraction, a sense of dislocation and color saturation, while trying to retain an essential balance between spontaneity and control.

For subjects, I am drawn to historical figures that have made a significant impact on me and also to those from popular culture who have achieved a mythic stature, linking them to the heroines and heroes from the distant past. Collage is used to combine images of these various individuals into new, sometimes fantastic, beings. I am most interested in the edge between horror-humor, beautiful-repulsive.

I have exhibited consistently since 1970 in numerous one-person and group exhibitions in NYC, across the USA, and internationally; in Europe, Korea, and Japan, receiving favorable critical notice in national and international art magazines and New York newspapers. Many catalog essays include discussion of my work in drawing, painting, mask making, and performance art.

My work is in several museum collections including the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum as well corporate and private collections.




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