Grey Ivor Morris

Whether I am working in mosaics, colored pencil, mixed media or photography, the common thread is multilayering. The subject always has subtext, and my art hopes to reveal these hidden meanings.

In all my work, I try to delve behind the surface, to expose something essential in the subject that reveals an emotional truth. Close examination of my art may divulge some inner truth in the viewer as well.

Our eyes register much more than exteriors, each one of us has vast libraries of symbols from our own particular history, enabling us to interpret things we see/experience in ways unique to ourselves. For this reason, no two people see art in quite the same way.

I have been active as an artist (and curator) in the Hudson Valley art scene for the past 14 years, showing at venues in Saugerties, Woodstock, Kingston and Catskill. My street art has been featured for the past few summers in the village of Saugerties.



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