Ernie Mortuzans

Ernie Mortuzans began his photographic life as an editor for industry and trade magazines doing articles and photography of manufacturing plants around the Northeast. “Perhaps this is where my love of form began. Being able to see the essence of a machine and its function became an important marker to capturing its image.”

He did photography for various publishers and enjoyed an extensive graphics, photographic and video career with the NYC Board of Education. “Many of the photographs I produce go through the digital wringer: digital first, then image manipulation software to finish.

One interesting study was of the rich colors found in an electrical generating plant in NYC. His study of Brooklyn coalhole covers reveals them as mandala-like cast-iron gems of 19th-century urban power. Ernie has done photography and video in Europe, Mexico, and Central America, with studies of Mexican ceremonial masks, and the black pottery produced in Oaxaca. He has also done a variety of video documentaries.



Address     342 West Saugerties Road
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