Carolyn Oberst

I started out in fashion first, designing women’s clothing. While experimenting with hand painting fabrics, I fell in love with the act of painting and decided to focus on making art.
Favored mediums have been painting, drawing and collage. I’ve worked in all three since I started exhibiting in1980. My work has been included in many shows, in various galleries, in NYC and other cities including a major show in S. Korea.
That one can create atmosphere, space and movement on a flat surface with just color and line, makes painting and drawing magical for me. A sense of depth and mystery is evoked when a flat surface comes alive. Using these tools, there’s an intentional animated quality to all my work, which captures the feeling of moving through time. I choose subjects with emotional resonance, simplify them, and then set them into abstract space, bringing together the connection between the conscious and unconscious mind.
Drawing and painting are at once an intentional act and a subconscious one. For me, art making is a meditation practice as natural and necessary as breathing



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