Anita Barbour

I work in a lot of different media — watercolor, pencil drawing, pen & ink, nature photography, calligraphy, oils, printmaking, silver, origami, crafts, fabric. An art teacher once told me, “You do a lot of things well. If you don’t pick one and concentrate on it, you will never be great at anything.” Though this might have been sage advice, I have never followed it for very long.

During the tour weekend, I will demonstrate the little-known sub-category of printmaking called “white-line woodblock printing,” aka the Provincetown print, named for its place of origin. In 1915, a group of printmakers were doing Japanese-style woodblock printing. It’s a time-consuming and pains-taking process, involving a separate carved block for each color. One woman put two colors on a single block, and one of the men took her idea further, doing all the colors on a single block. Other artists worked in this way, and they taught more artists the technique.



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