Jacquie Roland

In my past life, I was a graphic designer, professional cartoonist, and served as both an art director and creative director. I also did a little sculpting, photography and black & white illustrations. Now I spend my time painting ( mostly in oils, although I’m fond of acrylics and encaustics as well, and my watercolors and pastels are beginning again to call out my name… ). Assemblages are a favorite subject, from the smallest (3″x 5″) to several life sized and beyond (WAY beyond… my largest is 6′ x 35′ ). Two of my largest are in permanent collections in Kingston, NY and Pittsfield, Mass. ) Other assemblages were also included in the book “Exploring The Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts”. Both my cartoons and paintings have sold internationally, and over time have shown up in books and movies, and even on Hallmark cards. I save my colored pencil work for cartoons and children’s book illustration ( I’m ALWAYS writing gag lines and children’s books… and the occasional one act play, two of which have been produced.) This year I’m trying my hand again at weird little dolls (Who knows why?) I like to joke that I do everything but etch… but truthfully, if my tiny studio was bigger… -sigh- who knows what I’d be getting into next?— In my own defense… I have been left unsupervised.


12 Charles E Rothe Rd
Saugerties, NY 12477
phone (845) 246-7967

Email jroland002@hvc.rr.com


Studio Tour August 10,11,12

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