Barbara Bravo

“In 1971 I discovered my love of clay. I began by using clay to create all the usual pottery pieces one would expect. Clay just seemed to be the right medium that allowed me to explore and be creative in a very direct way. Whether it is making a teapot or a bowl, or working with slabs of clay and sculpting images on tiles, clay and I speak with one voice. I find that teapots are a wonderfully complex form and they are among my most favorite pieces. My tile work is a more recent development and allows me the greater use of imagery from landscapes to botanicals to animal portraits. Throughout my work can be seen my love of nature as is also evident in the many gardens I’ve created around my home and studio. Just like pottery, the gardens, too, are an ever-changing work in progress, a living sculpture.”


302 Old Route 32
Saugerties, NY 12477
Phone 845-246-7493
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Studio Tour August 10,11,12

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