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Ana Bergen

“The love for bright colors and a strong sense of aesthetics has influenced and guided my creativity and inspiration from the beginning of my artistic endeavors.”

“I was born into a family of Art Historians in Trier Germany and later raised in Muenster, where my father was the director at the Museum of Modern Art. Images of Matisse, Cézanne, Joseph Albert, Rothko, Rauschenberg and others, imprinted my daily life. In 1977 I obtained a BA in Art restoration from the Roman/Germanic Museum in Mainz, Germany.”

“Currently, photography has been my main focus. Using the human form as a silhouette, I often find myself, transforming the image into a painting-like state to create a mood. The frames for my pieces are constructed from recycled metal and wood. The latest project I am working on is a photo documentation of volcanic sand formations on the Pacific Coast in Central America, which I will be showing at the Artist Tour 2016 in Saugerties.”

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